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ОПИСАНИЕ АГЕНТСТВА                           

Affiliation of 289 churches in Asheville/Buncombe County that addresses poverty, hunger, homelessness, and access to health care for the under served in Buncombe county. 

ВОЛОНТЕРСКИЙ ПРОЦЕСС                        and complete form or call main number.  ABCCM will provide training and orientation. 


Sandra Day 828-550-5026

ПОТРЕБНОСТИ АГЕНТСТВА                                     

Can you smile? Then you're qualified to be a receptionist. Are you compassionate? Then you're qualified to be a counselor. Do you like to teach? Then you'd be a great Bible study leader, life skills class, tutor or a curriculum-based course. Can you cook? Then you'd be perfect on a cook team or serving in our food pantry. We need volunteers in all areas of our ministry to help.

ЕЖЕГОДНЫЕ МЕРОПРИЯТИЯ АГЕНТСТВА                           

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