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How to pass state exams?

Any person who will have to take state exams in the near future is in a very difficult condition. He is overwhelmed by doubts about his abilities and knowledge, confusion, fear of the examination board and the whole situation as a whole. With all this, the brains also refuse to perceive not only new, but in general any information necessary for these exams. Therefore, in anticipation of state educational standards, each student simply needs to resort to a number of tricks that will help to pass this test as successfully and safely for the nervous system as possible.

But first of all, it is necessary to understand what these very state exams are. So, methodologys via https://freeessaywriters.net/, the State Exam or, in a scientific way, the State Final Attestation is a comprehensive test of students' knowledge, the results of which make it clear how well they have mastered their specialty. That is, methodology is an “exam of exams”, which has its own characteristics.

The first feature of the state exam is that its questions are those that students have already passed during their studies, and which have already been answered during the sessions. Accordingly, lecture notes with the necessary information have also been preserved. Thus, if a student studied with all responsibility and prepared for regular exams, then the State Standards will not present any difficulties for him. But what to hide, in practice, everything is completely different, and the image of an ideal student who automatically keeps the answers to all exam questions in his head remains very illusory and unrealistic. In reality, students either do not save notes (or do not make them at all), or prepare for sessions in such an emergency mode that information is erased from their heads almost immediately after answering the exam.

And what, you ask, to do in such a situation? Here comes the second feature of state exams - even those who skipped almost all classes in all courses of study can pass them! And pass not somehow, but on "excellent". Although these are quite rare cases, they nevertheless occur. But in general, any student can successfully pass the state examination of professional knowledge. You just need to prepare in a special way. If attendance was relatively normal, at least 50% of all lectures, then you don’t have to worry about passing exams at all.

So how do you prepare for state exams? So what do we have? Complete or partial absence. But during the course of study, such seemingly negligent students formed one, very valuable in this case, but in general not the best habit - to do everything at the very last moment. Writing a term paper on the last night before the exam, reading textbooks right in the hallway a few minutes before the exam, etc. And an extraordinary ability to combine even such an extreme learning process with the parallel playing of computer games, watching movies or TV shows and snacking. Now, in the final push before the state exams, these skills will come in handy more than ever! Under no circumstances should you bury your head in the sand in a panic. And besides, it will lead to absolutely nothing.

To pass the methodology you will need:

  • Questions and ready-made answers to the questions of the state exam or the notorious lecture notes taken from someone;

  • Self-confidence and future success;

  • Time.

That is, first of all, you need to put all the other things on the back burner and go in search of a list of questions to the methodologys. You can, of course, prepare answers to them yourself, but the fact is that for this you will need to study a large bunch of manuals, textbooks and reference books. And if this is done, then the grade "excellent" in the state exams will be simply provided. But it has already been established that time is not just short, but running out, so you will have to contact its owners for information. There will always be a student in the environment who began to prepare for the State Educational Standards almost last year, so he has all the answers available and even carefully structured.


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