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Italian Language

Is there some one interested to learn italian language?

I'm searching some one who want make correspondence, i'm italian guy and i'm trying to learn General American, as I can't come there, i want try to speak it in chat conversation...i hope i'll find one Greetings from italy...

Would it be easier for me to use homework helper to learn the italian language? If i already know english and spanish? How does italian language sound to your ears?

There are no reasons why I made this answer.. just a curiosity merry christmas to everyone

American movies with italian language option?

I just got back from a foreign exchange to italy and am craving the language haha, but seriously, i have an enormous collection of dvds and am looking for one that has italian as one of the language options. just throw a few that you know out there and maybe i have it in my collectionthanks

Recommend me good websites to find hw answers and to download free books and audio for french german and italian languages learning? i am also interested in japanese mandarin and russian. please help me. thanks you.

Is italian language hard to learn?

I wanna learn italian but i don't know if i can...is it difficult??is it beautiful??many people say that italian is hard and difficult than japanese or chinese why??Yes,italian is very hard because there are a lot of verbs and words...but is it easy or hard?

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Anyone know of some websites that can teach me the basics learning the italian language?

I wanna learn the basics, just to get me started, like hello, my name is, i am from etc etc, if someone has a website that can tell me these words then id really appreciate it, i dont want to buy an italian dictionary YET.also, i understand that the words are pronounced much differently than they appear, the only word i know is bukiak which i learnt from watching the sopranos which is probably the most offensive word out there lolanyway, thanks in advance guys!

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