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Среда Night Lift (WNL) обеспечивает краткосрочную среду для небольших групп, в которой люди вкладывают часть своей жизни в изучение идей и навыков, которые позволяют им более полно участвовать в жизни сообщества. Кроме того, WNL обеспечивает безопасную среду, в которой люди могут найти сообщество, чтобы помочь преодолеть определенную доминирующую в жизни борьбу греха или страдания. Уроки и семинары WNL не предназначены для долгосрочной замены ученичества. Вместо этого WNL стремится помочь справиться с насущными потребностями с целью направить всех к участию в Lifegroup.

Занятия и семинары WNL предложат поддержку тем, кто нуждается в ободрении и поддержке в период страданий или трудностей, надежду для тех, кто борется с главенствующими в жизни грехами, образование для тех, кто нуждается в информации или ресурсах по конкретной жизненной проблеме, а также место для обработки или совет для тех, кто хочет справиться с проблемными эмоциями или жизненными стрессорами.

Ниже приведены некоторые классы, которые мы предлагаем:

Следующие классы уточняются

По средам с 18:30 до 20:00.


An Exposition of the Book of Jude

A 3-Week Class.  

In this exposition on the book of Jude, Pastor Chris Owens will lead you to learn to contend for the faith by understanding the holiness of God, His sovereignty in every realm, and the protection that He gives to believers in a lost and broken world.

Curriculum: The Book of Jude

I'm Angry and It Seems Everyone Around Me is Too

A 3-Week Class.  

Do you consider yourself to struggle with anger? Do you live with someone who struggles with anger? Christopher Seager will lead this class through the fourth chapter of the New Testament Book of James. The Apostle James deals with anger and its roots causes and solutions.

Curriculum: James 4

Hell's Best Kept Secret

A 3-Week Class.    

In this class, teacher Scott Reece will investigate with you how Jesus, the Apostle Paul, and others utilized the demands of the law to bring sinners to a deep knowledge of their sinfulness and, therefore, their need for Christ as their Savior and Lord. The powers of Hell want to keep this biblical approach secret because God the Spirit uses the good law of God to reveal our desperate need for redemption.

You can buy the BOOK HERE: 

Please read 5 chapters prior to the first class session.

Understanding the Big 10

A 3-Week Class.    

Have you ever thought about the 10 commandments? Why did God only have Moses write 10 on the tablets? What about all the other commandments in the OT? What do we do with the 10 commandments today? How did Jesus view the 10 commandments? Join Pastor Jeff Smith, Pastor of our Brookstone East Campus, and walk through the 10 commandments to gain a better understanding of God and his plan for his people.

Curriculum: The Bible

Teacher: Pastor Jeff Smith

We Fight More Than Ever Before

A 3-Week Class.   

Do you and your spouse have a hard time communicating which then leads to habitual and unresolved fighting? In this class, teachers Will and Anna Hasskamp will present the picture of unhindered intimacy between Adam and Eve that was in the Garden of Eden and how the fall of Adam and Eve impacted their intimacy. Students will be led to explore how to lovingly communicate and manage conflict.

Curriculum: The Bible

Teachers: Will and Anna Hasskamp

Recovering from Losses in Life

A 5-Week Class.    

You can make it through. Life is marked by losses. Some are life-changing, such as leaving home, the effects of natural disasters or war, the death of a loved one, or divorce. Others are subtle, like changing jobs, moving, or a broken friendship. But whether you encounter family, personal, or community disaster, there is always potential for change, growth, and new insight.

This class will be offered for 5 weeks, May 10 - June 7.

You can purchase the BOOK HERE.

Thursdays at 6:30PM – 8:00PM

No Children's Ministry or Childcare will be offered on Thursday.

The Resurrection of Jesus

A 3-Week Class.  

One of the classic Christian doctrines is the resurrection of Jesus. In this class, Jamie Roberts will teach about the historical pieces of evidence for the resurrection of Jesus from Scripture and other sources, respond to objections to the resurrection, examine the theological implications for followers of Christ in their everyday lives, and share evidence for the existence of the soul.

Curriculum: Will be provided at the first class session.

Teacher: Jamie Roberts

Private and Public Worship

A 3-Week Class.  

Jonathan Jordan, Brookstone’s Weaverville Campus Worship Pastor, will teach us and lead class discussions on how to more deeply connect Sunday morning to the rest of our lives - helping us fulfill our calling to be true worshipers each and every day.

You can purchase the BOOK HERE.

Please read 3 chapters prior to the first class session.


A 3-Week Class.  

The Scripture writers are clear in claiming that human beings are saved exclusively through Christ alone by faith alone. But what does the Greek word we translate as "faith" mean? In this class, Pastor Kevin Boone will lead us through investigating three aspects of a biblical understanding of the concept of saving faith: Persuasion, Trust, and Obedience. Our understanding of this crucial biblical word can mean the difference between sharing rightly or wrongly about how a person is to receive Christ as Savior and Lord.

Curriculum: The Bible

Teacher: Pastor Kevin Boone

Men of Brookstone Bible Study

A 3-Week Class.  

Russell Bartlett will lead you in the study of the book "The Titus Ten," which functions as a manual for becoming the kind of man God intends for you to be, and leading other men to do the same. Taking ten qualities from the Apostle Paul’s short letter to his mentee Titus, The Titus Ten will help you grow in your understanding of the gospel, your identity, your character, your doctrine, and more.

You can purchase the BOOK HERE.   

Please reach the first chapter prior to the first class session.

Teacher: Russell Bartlett

Can You Be Gay and Christian?

A 3-Week Class.  

In this class, you will learn how to respond to gay people who tell us how much they love the Lord and experience God’s power. You will also learn how to answer when anyone makes assertions such as "the greatest law is the law of love, and that love requires the church to embrace homosexuals as they are." This class will equip you to converse informatively and winsomely about numerous other assertions or questions that people all around the church are making or asking. Join teacher Reno Vossler as he leads these 3 class sessions.

You can buy the BOOK HERE.


The teacher will choose 3 areas from the class book to teach from during the 3-week course. Even so, we desire that you read the book in its entirety. Begin reading the class book prior to and during the 3-week class period.

10 Steps Away from Addiction

A 3-Week Class.  

Every one of us is a potential addict. Eventually, every addict finds himself at a crossroads. In a pressure-filled world, the prospect of instant escape can be exhilarating. No matter the object-drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, or sex, just to name a few-addictions lure us. They extend the promise of pleasure. In the end, they deliver emptiness, death, and destruction. In this class, you will journey through ten steps to provide a biblical and practical framework for change.

You can purchase the BOOK HERE.

Please read the first 4 steps (pages 1-37) prior to the first class session.

Teachers: Aaron Edwards and Donna Rutledge


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