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Weaverville, NC

Full Time

Job Description

The Campus Pastor lives out the Brookstone vision in a local community and leads others into Christ-centered stories of transformation. He does this by carrying out the vision and spiritual direction cast by the Senior Pastor. A member of the pastoral team, he will enable the church to focus on carrying out the Great Commission and equip the church to carry out the five functions of the New Testament Church: evangelism, discipleship, ministry, fellowship and worship.

Reports To

This position answers to the Executive Pastor, and the Senior Pastor.


The essentials here, as with any pastor, are I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.  Beyond that, we expect a Brookstone Campus Pastor to be a recognized and influential leader, a team builder and someone who develops other leaders.  We’re looking for someone who knows how to connect with individuals and groups, who believe in and share the Brookstone vision—instilling and embodying the spiritual distinctives of our faith family in the fabric of the campus and those who worship there.

Expectations and Job Duties

What Does a Campus Pastor Do?

He’s the leader of those ongoing, Christ-centered, Spirit-led stories of life change in his local context. A Campus Pastor should be able to coach the campus team with the support of the Central Staff and champion the church’s methods. He’s focused on ministry — equipping the people who worship at the campus and reaching the people in the community who don’t.


He needs to be comfortable preaching when called to do so, but also appreciates that the bulk of the teaching will come from the Senior Pastor. He can articulate the necessity of Brookstone’s ministry initiatives to individuals, groups and campus gatherings.


He identifies, coaches and equips leaders at the campus (both staff and non-staff), and helps connect people into ministry initiatives. Here are the five areas in which we ask a Campus Pastor to effectively lead:


Spiritual Shepherding: Leading a church is a spiritual endeavor accomplished by the Spirit of God through a Spiritual man. We are looking for a man with who is a responder to the work of the Lord and is constantly looking to step into spiritual moments, create spiritual environments and create a culture of faith and hope. He knows the people he is pastoring and he knows the Lord who is their Chief Shepherd and is constantly working to connect the two.


Vision Alignment: The Campus Pastor models our “one church in multiple locations” vision by carrying out the ministry initiatives of the Senior Pastor to both the campus staff and the congregation. He’s a living example of ongoing, Christ-centered, Spirit-led stories of life change inside and outside the church.


Relationship Building: As the leader of Brookstone in a local context, the Campus Pastor connects with people inside and outside the church building. He identifies leaders, shares the Gospel and encourages through the Word of God. This also means moving people toward “next steps” in their faith journey.


Team Leading: At the ground level, the Campus Pastor shepherds both paid ministry staff and servant leaders through spiritual growth. Working with the Executive Pastor, he sets goals, monitors progress and encourages completion.


Ministry Development: The Campus Pastor serves as a champion of Brookstone ministry initiatives. He owns their success and oversees the work to make sure they’re carried out with excellence.


Practical Expectations of a Campus Pastor

  • Owning the health of the campus

  • Encouraging leaders, staff and members in leading a Christ-centered life

  • Implementing and communicating the vision and systems of the church set by the Senior Pastor and  Executive Pastor at the campus level

  • Identifying and developing potential leaders

  • Replicating leadership in all areas of the church on a regular basis

  • Managing staff development

  • Leading the staff in forming relationships with those inside and outside the church

  • Connecting people into the movement

  • Assessing ministry health and success on a regular basis

  • Managing the budget

  • Providing successful organization and administration

  • Attending leadership meetings for alignment and training purposes



The Campus Pastor as a Spiritual Leader


The Campus Pastor serves as the leader of the staff at his specific campus. His job is to implement the Brookstone vision through the staff, while developing, shepherding and leading them toward health personally and as a church. He holds weekly staff meetings and monthly meetings to measure success. He is the chief spiritual shepherd for the staff.


The Campus Pastor serves as the spiritual guide for the congregation during all services. In addition, he performs weddings and funerals, assists in spiritual next steps, baptizes, provides counseling and serves the community. He does all of this within the framework of the vision and direction established by the Senior Pastor.


The Campus Pastor will offer “first-step” counseling as needs arise at the campus.  All counseling needs that go beyond one or two pastoral counseling visits or that require immediate professional assistance are to be referred to the Brookstone Counseling department.


As a representative of Brookstone, the Campus Pastor serves as a key spiritual leader in the local community. He identifies needs, partners and opportunities to further the Gospel and leads his campus to serve the community. He is the key visionary for local outreach, and he establishes and maintains a positive, working relationship with local government officials.  The campus pastor will lead and help coordinate a plan for reaching out with the Gospel in meaningful ways to our community.  This will include mobilizing the congregation to serve the community in various manners to demonstrate love and represent God’s grace to them.

Strategic Planning

The Campus Pastor helps shape and craft the vision and direction of Brookstone. He attends two or three meetings a month at the Main campus to reinforce his grasp of the DNA and to help maintain alignment to the vision. The Campus Pastor also attends staff retreats so that he can speak into and help shape the vision, mission and strategy of the church. Once these are set, the Campus Pastor becomes leader and implementer at his campus.

Leadership Development

The Campus Pastor identifies those in the congregation who are gifted for the work of the ministry. Through the campus staff, he equips those potential leaders and trains them for continued growth. The Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor determine the model of ministry for each ministry area, and the Campus Pastor implements those models through servant leaders at his campus.


The Campus Pastor gives high priority to communicating the value of evangelism and outreach in accordance with the vision of Brookstone Church. Create culture, environments and training to facilitate evangelism through the Evangelism Explosion method used by Brookstone Church.


A competitive salary wage commensurate with experience will be provided.

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