Youth Culture Retreat 2022


October 7th - 9th

Camp Cedar Cliff

Asheville, NC

The Youth Culture Fall Retreat is a three day two night event at Camp Cedar Cliff in Asheville, North Carolina. This event is from Friday-Saturday, Oct 7th-9th. The total cost is $125.

This event takes students out of their everyday life and allows them to experience the gospel in a whole new way. This is an annual event, that God has used for many years. We are so thrilled to be going back. One of the student’s favorite parts is the experience of getting to stay in a cabin with their small group. As students do the many activities that Camp Cedar Cliff has to offer, they grow closer together and learn what it means to follow God in your day to day life.

Cost: $125

Date: Oct 7th-9th

Location: Camp Cedar Cliff

The cost includes lodging, food and activities. We want everyone to be able to be apart of this activity, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to make sure your student can come.

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